Almost Famous


Today I watched Almost Famous the autobiography of the writer and director of the movie Cameron Crowe. If this movie was anything like his real life he didn’t need drugs because this shit would be way too insane if he really did do acid. Watching this movie makes me glad that I didn’t grow up in the 70’s because apparently everyone was bat shit crazy and doing acid at the same time. Thank god these people didn’t have facebook.

According to Cameron Crowe the movie is written around his experiences touring with Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band, The Eagles, and Lynard Skynard at age 18. The band Stillwater is a mixture of these bands and the movie shows what it was like to be a rockstar in the early 70’s. While the movie shows how lonely a rockstar’s life really is at the same time every guy watching this movie is thinking, “Yup looks hard. So I’ll trade you my life of a boring job so I can do drugs with no consequences and bang Kate Hudson”. I think that is were the movie goes wrong because its telling people that its easy to be a rockstar and they have no consequences or even a rock journalist if you just over analyze all of the current music. When in reality the music business is such a hard thing to break into and the rock journalist business is even harder.

Anyways this movie tells a decent story but you don’t really feel any emotions for the characters other then envy. You really can’t feel sympathy for any of them even if the plane did crash killing them all. I mean really, here is a movie that is about people who are living their dreams. Stillwater is becoming famous and playing to stadiums, William is writing for Rolling Stone and touring with a rock band, and Kate Hudson is able to bang rockstars and not have to face life. So really the only obstacle the characters have to overcome is finishing the job that people are paying them to do. Except Kate Hudson who’s obstacle is sex addiction to famous people. The sequel to this movie should be a sequel to how that Russell ended up being apart of the rockstar 27 club, Jason Lee’s character ended up in rehab for blow, and Kate Hudson is selling her story to the National Enquirer that William is the editor and chief.

Anyways this movie was a good story and that is what saves it. My favorite actor in the movie was Jason Lee. Even in bad movies he plays amazing characters and acts them out so well. How Jason Lee has not even had a nomination for an Oscar is beyond me. In every performance he dives into it and he is completely believable.

Well that is all I got for this movie. Time to watch the movie that made OCD look cool Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. Cinephile back to the theater.


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